Sunday, October 23, 2016

Teens seriously injured in excursions in the county of Vestfold – the Newspaper.en

Two people are seriously injured after an accident at Kodal in Andebu, norway on Sunday morning.

A young man is sent to the Oslo Universitetsykehus Response in air ambulance with serious injuries, while a young girl is rushed in an ambulance to a Hospital in Vestfold in the first place, also she with serious injuries. It informs the police on Twitter.

the Car the two sat in drove off the road in Kodal outside Andebu in Vestfold. The police know not yet to the circumstances of the accident.

the Man was the driver of the car.

Message 07.39 Sunday morning. There were no witnesses to the accident, but the accident was reported by a witness who came driving past and saw the car stood out on a field, tells the operasjonsleder Per Andreassen of the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

It was one degree and rain in the air this morning, and wet roads, but there were no reports of snow or ice on the road.

From the tracks it looks as if the car came from the north on highway 305.

(NTB / Newspaper)

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