Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Weapons Man caught in Elverum – NRK

– A person’s arrest without drama, with great assistance from the police helicopter, notified police at 21.20.

The man lasted arrested in EiT grove at football banana on JØMNA.

– He had comet away from the house where we believed he was, lasted observed in ein car and then on foot with a weapon, but he was unarmed when we arrested him, says the site owner for police, Wenche Gussiås, told NRK.

periods police with shotgun

the drama started at noon when the man in their 20s threatened police with a weapon in connection with a search warrant. Police approached the man because they Meinte he had issues from within a broadly theft at home with them.

– It was ein direct threat. He pinpoints the police who came into the room with a shotgun. It was a concrete and direct threat, says Gussiås.

The police, who were not armed, pulled away.

Then came the back tiil house with a big strengthen when they Meinte man could have lodged in his house on JØMNA Elverum. Police isolated house and endeavor to make contact with the man, who they invoked ein acquaintance of the police.

Fann house empty

The time 20.50 Rykkja police into the house, but found it empty.

– We have searched through the house and he was not there, told operation owner Kjartan Waage.

All mantain crew participates in the action.

Photo: Anne Næsheim / NRK

the time 21 fekk NRK his team told to leave the square because police suspected that the man was armed with a shotgun.

approximately 18.30 notified police on Twitter that they proceeds enlightenment about ein green van of a VW LT utan auspices string number.

the time 20.20 told operation owner Kjartan Waage that the car is observed something further south in Elverum, and the police proceeds to check it out.

the time 20.50 said Waage that they suspected that it was the called the man who køyrte car.

– We have received information that indicates that the driver is the called, told Waage.

NRK reporter Anne Næsheim told at 21 that the helicopter was in the air and that it searched around JØMNA ..

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the time 21.20 black man thus arrested, and police where looking Sunday night after the weapon which he previously lasted observed with. The man was put in jail, and police will today decide whether they will request that the man is in custody.