Monday, December 5, 2016

Police officer charged with having read about the abuse of children – NRK

the Son of the policeman who was arrested Friday, 18. november. It was in the wake of this investigation that his father’s name should have appeared. The man was questioned for the first time on Sunday 20. november, the same day as the press conference about the Operation “Dark Room” was held at the politihuset in Bergen.

is being Investigated by the South West police district

Of habilitetshensyn is the South-West police district are investigating the case against the policeman. During the new hearing on Monday in sacramento, he shall, according to BT have been confronted with the fact that he should have had a profile on a website that among other things portrays the sexual abuse of children.

– He has logged in on this page over time, without that we so far can determine how long this has been going on. He is charged with having read the written material that deals with incest and the sexualization of children. There is talk about children under the age of 18 years, and down compared to five years of age, ” says politiadvokat Stian Eskeland, to the Bergens Tidende newspaper.

IS PÅTALEANSVARLIG: Politiadvokat Stian Eskeland

Photo: Arild Eskeland / NRK

Not found illegal photos

Politimannens defender, advokat Vegard Austgulen, has previously said that the man set himself rejected to the matter. NRK did not manage to get in touch with the lawyer on Monday evening.

So far it is not found illegal images in the seizure. The policeman is until further notice suspended from the service.